US will have to curtail operations in the Middle East

US will have to curtail operations in the Middle East
Donald Trump went beyond what was permitted and, despite US intelligence, decided to exterminate Iranian general Kassem Suleimani. And now the United States has huge problems in the region.

Trump launched a time bomb. As a result, all that money spent by Washington in the Middle East could be lost. Iran is already preparing attacks on American targets. A bill has been passed in Iraq, according to which all foreign groups must leave the country. In Syria, the pro-Iranian militia intensified. The position and infrastructure of the Americans in the SAR were threatened.

According to recent reports, the United States is already worried and sent reinforcements to the Konako gas plant captured by Kurdish militias. Trump and his entourage do not want to lose the funds that go to the United States from the theft of Syrian natural resources.

There is also information that the key target of Iran will be the American base of At-Tanf. It is located in eastern Syria. Earlier, missile strikes had already been carried out immediately at several US bases.

There is every reason to believe that Washington will have to curtail all operations in the Middle East and leave the region. He was made clear that Americans are not welcome in many states.

As for Trump’s threats, they may not work. If at the moment the positions of the Americans are under fire, then this speaks volumes. The mistake of the American president can cost him dearly.