5 Fun Outdoor Games to Play at Your Next Picnic with Friends

UncategorizedBy Jun 05, 2023

This article suggests five fun outdoor games to play at picnics with friends or family. The games include classic lawn games such as cornhole and Frisbee, as well as giant Jenga, lawn twister, and a water balloon toss. The article provides simple instructions for each game and addresses frequently asked questions, including modifications and suitability for children. The games require minimal equipment and can be easily carried to any outdoor picnic. Playing outdoor games is a fantastic way to liven up a picnic and spend quality time with loved ones.

Outdoor picnics can be a delightful way to spend quality time with friends or family. What’s more, playing games at picnics can be a fantastic way to liven up the party. With the sun shining and good vibes filling the air, it’s time to bring out some fun outdoor games for you to bond over. Here are 5 fun outdoor games you can play at your next picnic with friends.

1. Cornhole

Cornhole, also known as bean bag toss, is a classic lawn game that is popular at picnics and tailgating parties. It’s easy to set up and requires minimal equipment. All you need are two boards with holes at the top and eight bean bags.

To start playing, place the boards facing each other and position them about 25 feet apart. Teams of two players will take turns tossing their bean bags towards the opposite board. The goal is to get the bean bag in the hole, which is worth three points. If the bean bag lands on the board, it is worth one point. The first team to reach a score of 21, or the highest score after a set number of rounds, wins.

2. Giant Jenga

Jenga is a game that involves removing wooden blocks one-by-one and stacking them on top of each other until the tower falls. However, when you super-size the game with giant Jenga, it becomes a lot more fun and challenging.

To start, build a giant tower by stacking about 18 to 20 wooden blocks on top of each other. Then, players take turns removing a block from the tower and carefully placing it back on top. The game continues until the tower falls. The person who causes the tower to fall is the loser.

3. Lawn Twister

If you want to add a touch of the circus to your picnic, try playing lawn twister. It’s a twist on the classic game of Twister, and all you need is a big white tarp and some paint.

Begin by painting the classic four-colored spots onto the tarp in a grid pattern. Players will take turns spinning a spinner that tells them which body part and which color they need to place on the corresponding spot. The last player standing without falling down is the winner.

4. Frisbee

Frisbee is a fun, portable game that you can take with you to any outdoor picnic. All you need is a Frisbee or flying disc, and some open space.

You can play a game of Frisbee with two or more players. To start, one player throws the Frisbee to the opposite team, who must catch it before it lands on the ground. They will then throw back to the other team, and the game continues until a team drops the Frisbee or throws it out of bounds. The winning team is the one that successfully catches the most throws.

5. Water Balloon Toss

Last but not least, a water balloon toss is an exciting way to cool off on a hot day and have fun with friends. It’s a game that can be played with any number of teams and players.

To begin, fill several water balloons with water and gather players into pairs. The teams will start tossing the water balloon back and forth to each other, taking a step back every time they successfully catch the balloon. The last team standing with an unbroken water balloon wins the game.


1. Can these games be played by children?

Yes, these games can be played by people of all ages, including children.

2. Do I need a lot of equipment to play these games?

No, most of these games require minimal equipment and can be easily carried to any outdoor picnic.

3. Can I modify the games to make them more challenging?

Yes, you can change the rules of the game to make them more challenging or to suit your preferences.

4. Can I play these games indoors?

Some of these games can be played indoors, but they are more fun and challenging when played outdoors.

In conclusion, playing outdoor games is a great way to spend time with friends and family at picnics. From classic games like bean bag toss and Frisbee to innovative games like lawn twister, there are plenty of fun games to play at your next picnic. So, pack your bags, grab some snacks, and get ready to have fun under the sun with these 5 fun outdoor games.