Scary water slides of the world

The water slides are considered children’s entertainment. But only not when we are talking about the tallest of them – not even every adult will decide to leave them. Some of them are taller than tall buildings – it is almost a leap into the abyss.
Scary water slides of the world

Leap of Faith


Leap of Faith is a great name for an attraction that can scare even a hardened extreme into a scream. The slide, which begins at the top of the Temple of Atlantis, guides riders through a transparent tunnel through a shark-filled lagoon.
Scary water slides of the world

The Mammoth

Indiana, USA

Greetings from sunny Indiana are conveyed to you by the staunch tin soldiers who are not afraid to lose limbs on one of the most terrifying water slides in the world. Minimal fences around the slide turn a fun adventure into an incredible dash through your own phobias: welcome to the aquatic fear lords.
Scary water slides of the world

Summit plummet

Florida, USA

Free fall is what risk-hungry tourists get for their hard-earned money. Each rider at the top is given a personal speedometer so that he personally checks his speed: here it reaches one hundred kilometers per hour.
Scary water slides of the world



This is a whole attraction. A person who wants to feel all the charm of a free fall stands with his arms crossed on the floor – a majestic view of the mountain range opens in front of him.
Scary water slides of the world



This waterslide is built just outside the great Rio. It is so high that the locals simply do not dare to ride, leaving it at the mercy of tourists who are crazy in their thirst for entertainment.
Scary water slides of the world



The hill rises to the height of a 14-storey monolithic building. The whole trip takes only a few seconds – of course, because single cameras allow the traveler to develop an impressive speed of 115 km / h.
Scary water slides of the world


Kansas City, USA

Schlitterbahn Water Park opened last year. The steepest slide, Verrückt, reaches 52 meters in height, which is half a meter higher than the Statue of Liberty. A spiral ascent takes professional risk-takers to the very top, where they break up into teams of 4, sit on rubber rafts and dash down at a speed of 120 km / h.

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