Experts have found out why cats eat grass

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Probably every cat owner drew attention to the fact that cats love to chew houseplants. Scientists also noticed this and therefore decided to figure out why cats are so drawn to grass and flowers.

To understand this issue, scientists conducted a survey in which more than 1000 cat owners took part, who observed their pet for three weeks. As a result, it turned out that the cases when cats are drawn to plants are not isolated.

Scientists have found that the majority of indoor cats (71%) try to chew on indoor plants. Only 11% of cats were not interested in grass and flowers.

Based on the data obtained, scientists have found out that this addiction of cats is not accidental. Experts believe that cats have an instinctive need for this.

Thus, cats try to cleanse their bodies of all sorts of indigestible particles and parasites. Also, the herb contains ingredients that stimulate the digestive tract.

In this regard, experts advise cat owners to buy grass in pet stores in order to protect animals from poisoning, as well as save houseplants from inevitable eating.

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