15 reasons to trade your wife for a cat



If you are an accomplished man who has a wife, then, no matter how much you love her, you probably sometimes want to be unmarried again. The wife grumbles, constantly wants something from you, swears, and also this mother of her … In general, sometimes every man is not averse to becoming a bachelor again. And although we are ardent supporters of a strong family for life, sometimes we want to dream: what if we exchange a wife for a cat? Why is this idea good and what benefits will it bring us? We watch and read.

1. It is very difficult to feed a cat up to size 50.

2. The cat is fluffy everywhere, not just on the head.

3. The cat is beautiful and without makeup.

4. The cat is always graceful, even when just sitting on the couch.

5. Any cat can purr.

6. The cat eats less.

7. Your cat’s mother does not know you.

8. The cat is easier to keep in your lap.

9. At night, the cat sleeps at its feet and does not pull over the entire blanket.

10. If you are sick, the cat doesn’t take medications, it just sleeps next to it.

11. The cat does not go to bed in curlers.

12. The cat does not whine that she has run out of tights.

13. If you only have dumplings, on the third day the cat will eat them with pleasure.

14. If you don’t even have dumplings, on the fourth day the cat eats bread with pleasure.

15. The cat is always clean and smells good.

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